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Viewing by Category: Working Out / Main
August 29, 2003

This last Spring, Body-for-Life was a success but now the summer is coming to an end and it is time to embark on some new ideas for my workout plans.  Last fall I decided to focus on gaining mass and I have the same goal this year but I have different plans to accomplish that goal.  I gained 15lbs last year but a lot of it was unwanted body fat.  I gorged myself for several weeks.  This year I plan on taking the cyclic approach by cycling a high calorie diet two weeks on then a medium-low calorie diet for two weeks for a total of eight weeks.  I have seen similar plans in old issues of Muscle Media, I plan on using those ideas along with a few things I have learned over the last few years. 

Goal: Gain 10lbs of muscle while minimizing the amount of fat gained

Diet Plan and Supplements:  During my gaining phase I need to focus on consuming most of my calories early in the day.  I will do this by taking a gainer shake (N Large II) twice a day. The first around 9-10am and the second right after my afternoon workout. I will also consume a lot of milk during this time to add calories. My last meal of the day should be primarily protien based with a small amount of carbs.  Here is a sample of a days meal schedule during the gaining phase

Morning: Eggs, Wheat Toast, Glass of Milk (~400-500 cal)
Mid Morning: N-Large II Shake with Skim Milk (800 cal)
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich with Apple (~400 cal)
(Workout) ZMA, Phosphagen HP (150 cal)
Mid Afternoon: N-Large II Shake with Skim Milk add 10 grams of glutamine (800 cal)
Dinner: Chicken Breast, Peas, Brown Rice, glass of milk (~600 cal)
Night Snack: 8 boiled egg whites, yogurt (~200-300 cal)
Total Calories: ~3500-4000 calories

Supplements: Multivitamin, ZMA, Phosphagen HP, N-Large II, Glutamine Powder,

I will consume the above high calorie diet for two weeks then switch to a lower calorie (2000-2500 cal) diet.  After the first four weeks of this routine I will examine my gains and adjust the calorie total accordingly. My thought is to try this program for 8-12 weeks and see how it works. I have always been a hard gainer but I have noticed lately that my metabolism has seemed to slow a bit.  I hope to take advantage of this to gain some mass.

Workout Program: The next major part of my mass gaining program is the workout portion.  I am attempting  a low rep, high weight program for gaining mass.  I will start off with a ladder program that works all of the major body parts.  The ladder starts with a low weight, 10 rep warmup to get the blood flowing then uses a 1-2-3-4-5 rep approach.  I will start with one rep then rest for a few seconds then do two reps, rest, three reps...and so on up to five reps.  After the 5th set of 5 reps I will rest for a minute and start over at 1.  This time around I should not be able to get to 5 reps.  I will get to 3 or 4 and start to strain. At that point I will start over at 1 rep and work up until I cannot get two reps.  I will start with a weight that allows me to do 5 full reps on the first time through but only 3-4 on the second time through.  If I get 5 reps on the second time through then it is time to increase the weight for the exercise.  Using this approach I will work all of the major body parts (chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, Quads). I think I will use a three day rotation for the workouts.  Below is a sample schedule

Monday: Chest (Flat Bench or Incline Bench)
Back (Pull Ups or Lat Pull Downs)
Biceps (Preache Curl or Standing Curl)
Wednesday: Shoulders (Dumbell Press)
Triceps (Lying Extensions or Dips)

Quads (Squats) 2-4-6-8-10 ladder
Hamstrings (Standing Curls) 2-4-6-8-10 ladder
Calves (Seated Extensions) 4-8-12-16 ladder

Keys to success

  • Track diet and workouts in journal
  • Plan diet and workouts at least 5 days out
  • Keep myself motivated
  • Get plenty of rest 8-9 hrs a night (good luck with a new baby in Sep)
  • Push myself in my workouts and increase weight

I am in the middle of moving into our new house right now so I may not be able to start full fledged into this program for 2-3 weeks but once I get started I will provide weekly updates on my progress.  My longterm goal is to gain 15-20 lbs of muscle over the next two years by gaining in the fall and cutting in the spring and maintaining through the summers. Using this approach for gaining and the body-for-life program for cutting I should be well on my way.  After my successes over the last few years I think I have the experience to make this happens.  I believe......time will tell if I am right though.

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