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July 18, 2004

I am a big fan of the iTunes program and I download all my music through iTunes. I also own an iPod but I found it frustrating I could not listen to the music with our in dash MP3 players that we have in our cars.  I purchase the music but without the iPod the songs are useless if you want to take it with you. A few searches on the internet turned up partial solutions but I thought I would share the entire solution with you. This process only works if you are the actual owner of the song and have it authorized through iTunes. I am in no way promoting piracy, I bought the songs legally from iTunes.

The process involves two pieces of software to handle the decoding. First you will use "hymn" to turn the m4p (protected) file into a m4a that you can play anywhere. Then you will use dbPowerAMP to convert the m4a into an mp3 file.

1. Download hymn http://www.hymn-project.org/ To make the instructions as simple as possible download hymn and unzip it to the C:\hymn directory. Hymn is a command line tool for windows that is pretty easy to use. There is a GUI available for the MAC.

2. Copy the mp4 files you want to convert to C:\hymn (if you understand windows you can just add c:\hymn to your path, if not don't worry and continue).
open a MS dos command prompt window start>>accessories>>command prompt

3. Run hymn on each of the files you are converting
C:/> cd hymn
C:/> hymn thenameofthefileiwantoconvert.m4p

You will need to do this for every file you want to convert or put multiple files in the command line

C:/> hymn filetoconvert1.m4p filetoconvert1.m4p

The m4a files will be created in the same directory. You can use the hymn command line options if you want to send them to another directory.
You are now ready to convert the m4a files to mp3 files. In order to do this you will need a converter. I use the dpPowerAmp converter.

4. Download dbPowerAMP
http://www.dbpoweramp.com you will also need to the m4p codec

5. Download m4p codec (download the decoder)

6. From there you can just highlight the m4a files in windows explorer. Right click with the mouse and select the "Convert To" option. Choose the quality and the folder you want to store the mp3's in and click "Convert".

The end product is a mp3 file that you can play anywhere. It is a bit of extra work, but you could possibly automate the process further. It is worth noting that the m4a file still has the original purchasers information in the file. Do not pass these files around to your friends. If they end up on the internet you could be prosecuted for piracy.


I believe you can do

C:/> hymn *.m4p

(Actually... I overheard that from a co-worker and havn't tested it yet)


Also you can easily get all your iTunes files into the same folder just by dragging them from your 'purchased music' playlist (or library) in the iTunes interface to a folder on your computer.

Too much! I was looking for a solution to this just this morning....thanks Brandon!

If you but the files, you shouldn't have to buy an Ipod to take them with you! (Although this was Apple's intent...generate Ipod sales).

Try this out to do all m4p files on your drive:

1) Go to the root of your drive such as C:\> by typing in 'cd \'

2) Type 'DIR \*.m4p /S /B > m4p.txt' This will list all m4p files on your drive.

3) Move m4p.txt into the hym folder

4) Go into the hym folder

5) Type 'FOR /f %a IN (m4p.txt) DO hym %a' This will perform hym on every m4p file in m4p.txt

hym = hymn

Are you sure this is legal? Seems you are circumventing their copyright controls, which is what lots of the complaints about the DMCA are all about. Seems to be the same argument for those who wanted to play DVDs on Linux that were using DeCSS.

Fantastic stuff guys. I own an Iriver mp3 player and bought music from Itunes without realizing that I wouldn't be able to play it on my mp3 player. I was seriously dissapointed until I found your funky back door genius. U guys r the best.

I got a couple hints for anyone who else who finds this info :

1.remove any spaces from your file names and replace with hyphens.

2.remove any characters that will be unrecognised by command promt. eg '

3.Before you Type 'DIR \*.m4p /S /B > m4p.txt' in the steps listed above go into C:\hymn first, this will automatically save the (m4p.txt) file into your hymn folder.

I don't now much about this stuff but this worked for me. I paid for my music and now I can atleast listen to it.

Thanks once again guys

Great, thanks. Will come very handy when liberating music one owns.

Yo. Fresh. What I did, which is just what you guys suggested, with an easier DOS part, and it works well for me.

Note: this looks like a lot of steps but it's really not...

Install Hymn to c:\hymn Install dbPowerAmp to wherever and add mp4 codec

create the following directories: c:\hymn\music and in \music add \before\ and \after\

now when you want to convert stuff open iTunes and the 'before' folder and drag your playlist/files to 'before'

open a command prompt enter the following c:\> cd hymn c:\hymn> hymn c:\hymn\before\*.*

["*.*" tells it to apply hymn to EVERY file in the folder c:\hymn\before so you don't have to put in any filenames at all]

you're done with hymn here.

Convert with dbPA as you see fit. If you change the output folder in dbPAs options it will stay changed (I like this).

Thanks for the great help!


Here are the steps in a clearer form; I hope this helps someone.

1. Install hymn to c:\hymn

2. create the directory c:\hymn\music\

3. open iTunes and drag your playlist or files to c:\hymn\music

3.at a command prompt go to c:\hymn\ and type:

hymn c:\hymn\music\*.*

Convert with dbPA as you see fit.

Sorry, proFeign _at_ hotmail

you DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE filenames my way.


Nathan has a point. If you don't like the fact that your iTunes purchase is a DRM protected file, you have a simple solution. Don't buy it. If you wish to encourage folks like iTunes to support simple mp3 files you can best do so by writing them and not purchasing music from them.

It's totally naive to think that Apple will somehow acquiesce to a flood of emails.

Let's not forget...the songs themselves are a commodity. They are sold for the sole purpose of getting people to buy IPODS. Sure, you can listen to your songs at your PC, but what if you download at work? You'll surely want to play your songs at home, or on the road, no? Apple knows this and built Itunes on this principal.

The crux of the matter here is respecting copyrights. Apple properly purchased the songs from the labels/distributers, and we legally purchase the songs from apple.

It's totally and completely reasonable to expect to play music you legally purchase on the device of your choice.

You can expect anything you want, Alex. However, you made a deal w/ Apple when you bought the song. Just because you want a better deal does not mean you get to change the details of the deal. Yes, Apple _should_ sell mp3s w/o any DRM. Guess what - they don't. Just because you want them to doesn't mean you get to change the rules. You never purchased a song, you purchased a license to the song. If you don't like that, you can purchase the CD at the store and make your own mp3 copy from that.

Not so fast. Right from the Itunes TOS:

"You shall be entitled to burn and export Products solely for personal, non-commercial use."

The TOS further states:

"You agree that you will not attempt to, or encourage or assist any other person to, circumvent or modify any security technology or software that is part of the Service or used to administer the Usage Rules."

You can look at this two ways:

1) You can't circumvent security technology


2) You can't circumvent security technology to modify the Usage rules.

My personal belief is that Apple knows full well that people want to play the songs as MP3s. You buy the song/license, you can export it for personal use, even if it means playing it on something other than an IPod.

People have been burning CDs of their iTunes purchased music, using iTunes as the burning software, and then ripping the CDs back onto their machines to transfer the music to other devices. This is possible without modifying anything or using any other program than iTumes.

This is merely a way around wasting CDs. Apple was not forthcoming to iTunes customers that music they purchased would be in a format incompatible with the majority of portable compressed-audio players.

People that follow these directions to "liberate" their music have every right to do so.

Apple does disclose that:

iTunes 4 for Mac OS X: Compatible Players

3. Songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store are encoded using the AAC Protected format and cannot be converted to MP3 format. You can burn them to audio CDs and play them in consumer audio CD players.

This is buried online, and many people have obviously been misled, and consequently feel they have the right to do whatever is necessary to circumvent the copy protection that was foisted upon them.

I am one of the people that prefers to use mp3 files due to my player preferences. I own and use an iPod and iTunes is great, but I have other players and I don't like having some music I can't listen to on it. I paid for it.

I doubt the people that don't think it's OK to remove the copyright are going to be swayed by anything anyone can say.

If Napster et al didn't exist who would have a problem with this? If we don't give these "unlocked" files to others what is the harm? I personally am against piracy, and I see no problem with this procedure.


Fantastic debate guys. So many good points.

As I understand it, Piracy harms the record companies and the artists not format changing I dont think anyone gives a fig what the final format is and you can be sure they are not focusing their legal efforts on the honest paying format changer.

I think every individual is going to have to make their own moral judgement.

James Wilcock

I couldn't get hymn to work on my computer (Dell 4600C, XP - every time I try to run hymn the command windows pops up for about 1/2 sec then disappears)) so I downloaded iOpener from the hymn site, which automatically converts all of your decoded .m4p iTunes into .m4a files. I then tried to use dBpowerAMP (and codec) to convert to .mp3, but every attempt resulted in a "Cannot convert file" error. Any ideas?

Thanks, Patrick

Patrick, I can probably help. E-mail profeign hotmail proF

Patrick, I can probably help. E-mail profeign hotmail proF

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Im having the same problem as Patrick:

I couldn't get hymn to work on my computer ( XP - every time I try to run hymn the command windows pops up for about 1/2 sec then disappears)

Please help

Sorry, my email address is docman333@yahoo.com

I've got XP Pro and run the hymn command with my m4p file, but then I get a error "Counldn't get the DRM key for user." but I get a partial m4a file in the directory with the name of my m4p file. one is 4.7mb the m4a is 6k and when I try to play it Itunes states the the song was purchased buy "user" which is me and it won;t play it.. what am I missing here? could you help me out?


Knock Knock, is anyone home? Does anyone read this Blog?

In order to have hymn decode the file you need to first be able to play the original file in Itunes. It needs the DRM key that is used in Itunes in order to convert the file.

SPYWARE WARNING: run Adaware(or some other spyware removal tool) after installing dbPowerAmp cuz, after I installed it, a ton of spyware appeared. Could be a coincidence, but I want to warn people just in case.

These are all great instructions - for me, dragging the purchased music into a folder meant that it also dropped all the folders - very handy.

I am still getting "Couldn't get DRM key for this user." I am able to play the music in iTunes no sweat - what have I missed?

Thanks for all the hardwork required to develop and document the converting process. Information will always be free.

I am getting the same hymn error as "confused" above (Couldn't get DRM Key for this user). I've tried hymn on XP and 2000. I've disabeled firewall and antivirus, etc. Still no luck. Does anyone have any ideas? Could it be the iTunes update (iTunes 4.7)?

(Thanks to all previous...and for the site.)

I am also getting the "Couldn't get DRM key for this user." error, even though I can play the tracks in i-Tunes. I'm running WindowsXP Pro, and have installed Service Pack 2 - another site implied that this might tighten the security, and hinder DRM cracks. Anyone got any ideas ?

Also, the only version I have been able to download is 0.6.1. The http://hymn-project.org/ website seems to be unavailable. (At least for the last 2 days.) Can anyone point me at an alternative download site for version 0.7.1 ? (Perhaps this will fix my problem.)

[I'm also getting a 'Can't burn these tracks to CD message.' which is really leaving me scuppered.]


Too bad Amadeus doesn't work for Windows.

I got a message that I needed Microsoft .NET to install hymn. Hmmm, I thought I had that.

Great find! I have been unable to burn discs with Itunes, as it keeps crashing. I uninstalled, formatted my machine, and replaced the burner and still nothing. Think there is something wrong with the file. In any case, this allowed me to make a copy so that I could use the CD on the road. Thanks for the info!







After having spent most of the day today wrestling with various good advice and ill-tempered softwares and such, I finally assimilated everything and struck out on my own.

1. iTunes (which I have reintalled twice today) uploads their files as protected mp4 files.

2. Burn a CD with iTunes software.

3. Copy that CD to Windows Media Player which turns the files into WMV (or something like that) files.

4. "Use Media Converter Pro" (a fairly good all-around video and audio conversion package) to convert the files to mp3.

5. TA DA!

Hope this helps someone who may be struggling with Hymn or codec and so on. The method might take a while (depending on the speed of your CD drives) it certainly works.

Rich in Chicago

Here is what worked for me and it seemed a lot easier than everything else I have read....

For starters I use windows 2000 and have iTunes

1. I downloaded, installed and ran iOpener 0.2 (available here: http://hymn-project.org/download.php )

2. After iOpener starts up it will ask you for your iTunes account ID and password. Enter it and then it will scan your drives to find m4p media bought through iTunes and then it automatically converts it to m4a. Note: it places the converted m4a files in the same directory as the original mp4 file.

3. I then dragged the converted m4a files into an iTunes playlist and used iTunes "convert to mp3" feature. Note: I noticed that if I tried to convert using dbPoweramp it would not retain the id3 tags but using iTunes cured that issue.

Now you should have the same songs in m4p, m4a and mp3.

All in all it worked like a dream especially considering that I was trying to convert the Complete U2 digital box set I bought off of iTunes. I couldn't imagine having to convert nearly 450 songs the other ways mentioned here and elsewhere. After getting iOpener it was basically a 2 step process.

Hope this helps.

running xp sp2, itunes ver 4.7+, and now .net sp1

Thanks 4 the posts all. Esp. thanks to brian from cali. the iopener + plus the .net install did the trick. for me, the user/passwd that iopener required for use was the final combo that opened up my m4p file. Then just converted the generated m4a file in dbpoweramp to mp3. nice! happy end after much frustration!

partial success with iopener. I downloaded 5 songs with itunes. I installed the iopener. I clicked on iopen. it said it had opened all 5 files. looking in windows xp explorer - all five files exist in two formats, one is protected and one is not. I dragged the five songs into a play list and hit convert to mp3 one at a time. 3 of the five songs converted. the other two just will not. a message appears that says a protected file cannot be converted to another format.

any suggestions? they were both enrique iglesias songs..from the same album.

Is anyone that's using iOpener concerned about providing access to your iTunes account? Login + password = credit card and billing information that's now in someone else's hands. True? Should this bother me or no?

You could also just directly burn the MP4s to audio CDs with iTunes, and take the audio CDs with you.

That's real helpful there Barry... I'll just waste the Alpine MP3 player in my truck and play outdated audio files that hold 10 songs. The whole point to this is to be able to have 7 hours worth of music on a CD, otherwise why have it to begin with? Sheesh... Thanks for the help guys, finally get to get my MP4s converted.

Is our last name some wierd coincidence? Are we long lost technology junkie cousins? Anyways... I wanted to add to Chigagos post.

(1. iTunes (which I have reintalled twice today) uploads their files as protected mp4 files.

2. Burn a CD with iTunes software.

3. Copy that CD to Windows Media Player which turns the files into WMV (or something like that) files.

4. "Use Media Converter Pro" (a fairly good all-around video and audio conversion package) to convert the files to mp3.

5. TA DA! )

You can simply cut out media converter pro, in WMP you can set it to rip files to MP3, I believe its in Tools > Options > Rip Music > Rip Settings > Format > MP3


- Tyler Purcell

for those who opt to burn 2 CD, then back 2 PC with Win Media Player, WMP 10 (free @ MS.com) will encode to mp3s for free. plus it keeps the tags... heh heh ;)

WMP 9 only burns mp3s with a NON-FREE add-in, fyi

sorry for the many posts, but just realized something: Burn M4P to CD-RW>Rip back to mp3 in WMP 10>Reformat CD-RW in Win Explorer (My Computer)>Lather>Rinse>Repeat. e.g., burn your itunes songs to a Re-Recordable CD-RW, rip the music to mp3 in Win MP 10 FOR FREE, erase the disc and use it again in the future. just tried this and it works. the best part: it keeps all your MP3 ID3 tags! e-mail if probs: zzzz4444(a)yahoo.com

the darkflux

Just found three solutions which can convert iTunes m4p to mp3 from http://www.topvideopro.com/mp4-m4a-converter/convert-m4p-mp3-converter.htm

Solution 1: M4P->M4A->MP3 Solution 2: M4P->CD->MP3 Solution 3: M4P->MP4->MP3

It is great!

good prog abcpassby, but you don't even NEED that program for solution 2, as iTunes can rip mp3s...

I get to step 3, but when i put the file name in it just goes back to: "C:\" then it plays the song. How should i put the fill name (of the song i want converted) in the comand prompt after "C:\"? What should happen if the song is converted successfully? Looks like it should work, just having trouble getting it going. Thanks.


Actually Alex, I believe Apple's plan is to sell music, not Ipod's. They do sell a lot of Ipod's (mini's, shuffle's, etc) but the real money is in the music, or at least that is what they hope. The Ipod is simply a delivery system. Typically software is more of a cash cow than than hardware.

kurt ------ It's totally naive to think that Apple will somehow acquiesce to a flood of emails. Let's not forget...the songs themselves are a commodity. They are sold for the sole purpose of getting people to buy IPODS. Sure, you can listen to your songs at your PC, but what if you download at work? You'll surely want to play your songs at home, or on the road, no? Apple knows this and built Itunes on this principal.

The crux of the matter here is respecting copyrights. Apple properly purchased the songs from the labels/distributers, and we legally purchase the songs from apple.

It's totally and completely reasonable to expect to play music you legally purchase on the device of your choice.

Posted by Alex Sherwood at 8/10/04 11:35 AM

make up your mind kurt:

"Apple's plan is to sell music, not Ipod's"

"the songs...are sold for the sole purpose of getting people to buy IPODS"

haha ^_^ but seriously, i agree with what u say about copyrights. the music goes from the Record labels, to Apple, to you, the end-user. Apple does what they want with the music when it's in their possession, i don't see why u shouldn't be able to do the same ;)

Sorry about the confusion with the post.

Everything after the ------ was written by Alex Sherwood. The quote I disagree with is his quote, "the songs...are sold for the sole purpose of getting people to buy IPODS".

Hope that helps.

As a side note this is the best dialog I've read on converting m4p's to mp3's.


There is an easier way to do this. http://www.hymn-project.org/ Thats all you need. One prog, does it easily.

I OWN an iPod 15gb (3rd gen I think.. the one without the moving parts) and the damn m4p files still won't play. This kind of protection is absolutely ridiculous for songs that I legally own.

Both hymn and Jhymn tell me that I don't have/couldn't get the proper DRM key. Does this have something to do with the fact that I got the song in question (Spanish Bombs) through a promotion? Who knows.

I'm getting to the point where I just might hook my audio line out into the mike jack and record the whole thing in Audacity. Sheesh.

I just read Tyler Purcell's comment... sheer genius. I don't know why that didn't occur to me before. Just burn it to a CD, and then rip it back with another application.

If anyone is going to try this method, I'd reccomend Musicmatch Jukebox for the ripping part- it's a pretty crappy music manager but it has the capability to rip straight to mp3.

Since the last big bug was found in iTunes, only Itunes 4.7 will be allowed to connect with the apple server to get songs or keys. Therefore Hyme is not working anymore. The only way that always works is to burn the song onto a CD-RW and rip it back to the harddrive as a mp3.


Tunebite can record M4P to MP3 formats directly. visit http://www.topvideopro.com/mp4-m4a-converter/convert-m4p-mp3-converter.htm for more. :-)

Tunebite didn't work for me. kept having error messages. Xilisoft Audio Converter, which was listed on their site,also didn't work. and, when i converted a file with M4p2MP4 which was also on Tunebite's site, made a file the same size which STILL wouldn't play in Quicktime (which supports MP4 files). however, Jhymn, the Windows version of Hymn (which i had "badmouthed" before for lack of copying ID3 Tag data), picks up Hymn's faults and creates mp3's WITH track info and all! yipee :) if you've got windows, Jhymn's the one. or the burn to CD, burn back to mp3 deal, either one produces the same quality end file.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Im only 13 and i have trouble with all these mp3's and m4ps etc. I bought a mp3 player with all my money, when i discovered that it woulndt play iTunes (basically all my music) i was horrified, all my money gone for nothng!! But ur guide saved me, i cant thank u enough, although jHymn said that it could convert m4a's to mp3's, why use dbpoweramp???

Read through a lot of these comments, and found that JHymn took care of converting the iTunes files to mp3s for me. I only had to download EasyZip and Java onto my computer to run it, which should have been there to begin with. Also, got a gateway error first time trying to connect to my Apple account with JHymn, but I tried it again and it worked. JHymn makes it simple.

LOL is right.....JHYMN is a "no go"...at least Running Itunes 4.7.1 on XP. The omnipotent folks they are, they are now looking for security certificates when logging in to access unlock codes soooo..looks like I'll be burning CDs-YAY! Only $.99 a song huh? How much is all this #%@* time worht just to use the music we paid for! I know I am not alone here either..Anyways, if anyone has any revolations and finds a real solution that works(besides buying software) let us know..thanks.

vectorboy, not sure what problems you're having, mine still works fine, and i have ver. 4.7.1 EXACTLY! not trying to call you a liar or anything, but have you tried using the "FairKeys" button at the top to "Download your keys..."? that's what i did and it worked just peachy 4 me. also you might check for what version of JHymn you have. i'm running 0.8.2 .also you might check your Preferences to be sure your Library files' location is accurate (mine wasn't), and if all that doesn't work try checking "Use Naive Trust Manager" (or maybe it already is?). anywayz, Good Luck!

I have iTunes and JHymn 0.8.2 and tried converting my iTunes music purchased from their store to .m4a format. When i try converting two things happen. 1) JHymn asks for my iTunes logon info to download keys except when I do this, a window appears saying that the transaction is unable to be completed. 2) After this happens, I'm still able to convert files, except after the conversion is done, a window appears saying that the DRM keys are unable to be unlocked and the music isn't converted.

Is there a way around this problem?



well, i personally only use jhymn to make mp3's, but i just tried making .m4a files, and it works ok for me. maybe they're only blocking NEW candidates... anywayz, if you want to look, here are some pics of MY settings, you can try them if you like, of course be sure to change the location of your Library files accordingly. if that doesn't work, you could try checking your "Authorization Count" under the FairKeys button. oh, and if you figure it out, please post how you solved the problem, if it's not listed here. cheers!

http://darkflux.net/pix/jhymn1.jpg http://darkflux.net/pix/jhymn2.jpg copy and paste these links into your browser's address bar^. df

Apple openly invites you to burn these purchased files to a CD. By doing so, you are removing the copy protection. So this is pretty much the same thing as using a converter to convert to mp3. The only difference is you are converting to MP3 and not WAV CDATA. Beyond that, who cares? you bought the song , you own it.

JusteTune - by Jon Lech Johansen 'User-friendly version of FairKeys and DeDRMS'

website: http://nanocrew.net/?page_id=64 screen : http://nanocrew.net/wp-content/justetune.png

I have been trying to get my aac (protected) files to work on my car mp3 player. I have tried the new JHyme program, but it dosent recognise any of my files. BTW i am using real one player, and when i copied my Cd's i did them as AAC by mistake. Can any one give me suggestions, how i can get them workin in my car.

FYI I just downloaded Jhymn .084 and have Itunes 4.9 and had no problems getting the keys to unlock the files. Just loaded the folder into Jhymn and hit go. It asked me for the login info and downloaded the keys (seems like it identifies itself as one of the 5 allowable computers).

I have tried everything and I cannot get the keys to unlock my songs. I need some major help here! Please emaiol me at judibee@aol.com. I am JudiBee on AIM and jcbehrens on yahoo messenger!

Thank you

Hey everyone! Newsflash!!

Get Tunebite!! It worked for me. Watch your files switch like magic from Mp4s to MP3s! I was down to my last straw. JHymn was not allowing me to break through without the key codes. I read through this blog once more and went to get Hymn originally and in the process found Tunebite at the same site. I downloaded it and opened my music list folder and voila!! I could not have done this without this blog. Thanks everyone!!!

Judi in Florida

Hey guys~ all i can say is good job~ thanks for this blog to help us girls doing stuff.. itune sux and i wont use it again but at least i can hear my music now

I stumbled across this site because of the same problem you all were having, trying to get an iTune song to play in my MP3 player. After reading all of the posts I had to chime in.

The people complaining about Apple's decision to not make these songs available as MP3's are like someone standing around a Pepsi machine, bitching that it doesn't sell Coke. If you want a Coke, go find a Coke machine and buy a Coke, but don't stand there and badmouth Pepsi, simply because they won't sell Cokes in their machine. It just makes you look foolish. As for me, now that I know that Pepsi won't pour into my Coke glass, I'm gonna go find a Coke machine. I'm sure there's one around here somwhere...

hey, Bill, not trying to start an argument here, but i believe what people are "bitching" about, is that, *ahem*....

while "Pepsi" didn't promise that they'd sell "Coke" in their "machines", they did promise that their product would "taste better" than a "Coke", and with "less aftertaste" than the leading brands (even though "Pepsi" is the leading brand), and i don't know about you, but quite frankly, my "Pepsi" tastes a little "flat"! oh, and by the way, "Pepsi" never told me that the "soft drink" they sold me would not be compatible with my "64 oz. styrofoam cup", and that what i really needed was the more expensive "512 oz. plastic Bladder-Buster" container... now all of us are just tryin' to get our "bendy-straws" to work so we can "sip" in peace, and quite frankly, i can understand how more than a few jaded "consumers" would like to take their colletive "empty bottles" and stick 'em where the sun don't shine... *ahem* anywayz, suffice it to say, we're not too happy...

Well, I just used iTunes for the first time, and ended up here because I couldn't figure out what an .m4p is. For a second I thought it was .mp4, and couldn't believe I had missed that sort of technological development. (Guess I was wrong.)

Fortunately, I'm one of these backward types who doesn't own an mp3 player... just a portable cd player, and a computer. So, as long as they burn to an audio cd, it isn't that big of a deal to me.

Still, it seems rather stupid for Apple to sell stuff in this format. It certainly doesn't prevent people from stealing their music if they so desire... it just makes it annoying for people who want to listen to stuff on an mp3 player or with other software. So, yeah, basically an underhanded ploy to sell more iPods disguised as an effort to protect copyright. As if.

Well, Apple has done it again - found a way to tick off their customers. Version 6.0 thwarts JHYMN's decoding, and they've posted a notice on their FAQ site.

I'm really ready to switch to Napster after this.

I believe the guy who ripped DVD's for use with Linux, Jon Lech Johansen, won out in the end according to European law, anyway. So surely, the question of whether it is legal or right to alter a legally purchased file format for personal use on another incompatible device has already been dealt with according to precedent.

He is the same guy who worked out how to unravel the apple code thus making software like Hymn possible.

Incidentally, you can download his linux alternative to itunes software that allows you to purchase songs from the itunes webshop. He calls it "the fair interface to the itunes music store". A beta windows version is available too. Havent tried it though as I use a mac! Hope a mac version will be ported some day.

Tunebite does work! Go here to download--> http://www.download3000.com/download-Tunebite-count-reg-6795.html

When installing, it will ask you to download Lame mp3 encoder. go here--> http://www.free-codecs.com/Lame_Encoder_download.htm

Also, you'll need a serial key, so go here-->


Once installed, select your mp4 song and hit GO.

Good luck!!!


Soon we'll have to register our retinas and eardrums to legally convert copyrighted material into brain-compatible synapses.

Interesting Thread... I like the Pepsi story :-)

Here is also an easy way to convert m4p to MP3...

1) Buy song (in m4p) 2) Burn with iTunes on CD-RW (rewritable) 3) open ripper (e.g. CD-EX) 4) Rip song in MP3

takes a couple of minutes... done

hate to break it to you A-X, but this has already been covered in the thread, and you don't even need an external ripper, iTunes or Windows Media Player can rip from CD to mp3 for free. you should read ALL the posts on this page, it really is enlightening.

Ok... BIG problem...

First of all, I'm running iTunes 6.0, which jhymn can't help me with...

Second, I've tried burning an audio cd with through iTunes and all I've gotten is 3 coasters and the repeated message that I'm set to the wrong burner speed...

I tried tunebite and it asked for a serial number... Not free? If so, not for me... I've already paid for the music... Don't make me pay to use it...

Can anyone help me? A response comment or an e-mail would be nice... hrtbrkkid15@sbcglobal.net if anyone has any help for me... I thought the audio cd was a sure fire way to do this and then I ended up with now-useless disks and the same error message over and over again, which I tried to fix, but Apple didn't go out of their way much to help me there, either... Also, if anyone has an update on what's going on with jhymn, please let me know... I'm using a Zen Nano Plus and would just like to put the music that I legally purchased on it... HELP ME PLEASE!!!

"There is currently no way of converting music purchased with iTunes 6.0, although there are a number of groups working on a decoder that can convert iTunes 6 files, so you may want to delay upgrading to iTunes 6 for a little while." [from iboffin.com]

"if you make any purchases using iTunes 6.0, from that point on you must use 6.0  and then JHymn won't work for you either." [from www.hymn-project.org/jhymndoc/]

in other words, for now i'm sorry to say that, unless you can get the CD burning thing to work, it seems you're stuck, dude. i sincerely hope you didn't buy too many songs with 6.0 . if you did, then even if you got it to work burning CD's, you'd still have to re-enter all your ID3 Tags for each song... have you checked that the CD burner still works? i had to replace mine recently; it just stopped burning properly. perhaps it's just not compatible with iTunes. if you have access to another burner, you might try a temporary swap. if i was in your shoes (if you have the option to), i would reformat (after deauthorizing your PC) and reinstalling an earlier version of iTunes. i've got iTunes 5.0, and haven't had any issues with it as of yet. i'm not sure if your "pre-6.0" purchases will still be ok after a reformat or not; thankfully i haven't had the experience yet! if anyone knows, please post it here. thanx! this whole situation sucks, and the more people complain to Apple, perhaps someday they'll get the message. then again, as long as people still buy iTunes songs, and Apple's still making money, there's no reason for THEM to change anything.

actually The Ooze, there is another way... i believe Audacity (free) can record "live" music as it plays on your sound card. take account that you'd have to play EVERY .m4p that you downloaded, so maybe this isn't a very viable solution, but i thought it might be worth mentioning at least. i use Sony Sound Forge myself, but that's a pricier option.

I have started using Audacity (at least until there's a better way) and, though it's not perfect, I admit that I'm impressed and quite satisfied with how it's working. Thank you, darkflux, for the suggestion.

By the way, I DID finally get the stuff onto an audio cd, but my computer's disc-drive (and this part I forgot) is outdated and doesn't like burnt cds... I've played it and COULD rip it, but I might just try it on another computer. Once again, thank you, darkflux, and I'll be sure to keep updated with what's going on around here...

glad i could be of assistance :)

on another note, i just thought of an idea: if you have access to a 2nd PC, one on which iTunes 6 HASN'T been installed before, you might try installing iTunes 5, and "Authorizing" THAT PC for your account, copy the .m4p files to THAT PC, then using jHymn to convert to whatever filetype you need. then you could just transfer your unlocked files back to the original PC. it's a bit of a process, but all the ID3 Tags should still be there in the final files, and that would save you THAT mess. anywayz, if it doesn't work, you can still de-authorize that PC, too, so you wouldn't be out anything but time. if anyone tries this, please let me know if it worx, thanx!

The most simple way I've found is to play the track(s) in itunes and record in 'Total Recorder'. From here I can save as MP3, WAV etc......... Very simple but it works

Try Audio Record Wizard version 3.99...A little tweaking and it works like az charm. No problemsx but the input tweaking....It is sold out of China since God knows how long....I don't think they intended it to do that...just does it. Jod

But it will eventually be possible to easily convert the 6.0 m4p's (like in hymn) right?

as long as the kind people at hymn-project.org continue their efforts, then SOMEDAY they may crack the code for 6.0, although there's no telling when that may be.

I just dont get it. You pay a buck for the track, then go through this process involving 2 other apps! Not to mention, this "reputable" company youre throwing your money at tries to force you into buying their device. Sounds as bad as Microsoft.

Why not just get a good "to-go" subscription service like Yahoo Unlimited. For less than $15 bucks a month choose from well over a million tracks. Download all 1 million tracks if you want and put them on dozens of compatible devices. On top of that, if you are subscribed and want to buy a track they are only $.79.


Cheers dude! You saved me with this software! Worked wonders and I didn't understand a single thing!


the concept here, Will, is that iTunes has more of a selection than most other services do. i myself listen to alot of obscure, hard to find stuff that most other such "subscription-based" services do not offer. if all you listen to is the latest "hit songs" on the charts, you may be better off going somewhere else. particularly so, if you don't own an iPod, and/or don't want to go through this hassle ;)

You don't need dbPowerAmp. The irony is that if you still have iTunes 4.x it will convert the m4a file to mp3 for you as long as you remember to use JHymn configured to not keep DRM data.

As someone else suggested with "Total Recorder" why not simply use Wire Tap Pro (for Mac OS X) to record purchased music into mp3? That's what I do now and it takes no longer than the length of the song to convert. I was tired of burn CDs and then ripping them as mp3s. Wire Tap Pro is $19.95 and works like a charm: http://www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/wiretap/

why would you PAY for something that you can do for free? Audacity can record audio the same way, and it's free for Mac users AND Windows, too. SoundApp (http://www.mp3-mac.com/AppsDload/SoundApp.html) can convert many types of files for free on Mac.

by the way, Wire Tap Pro may not take longer than the song to convert, but if you have a bunch of songs (i don't know anyone who only buys 1 song using iTunes) then burning a ReWritable CD is WAY quicker. not to mention not having to re-enter ID3 info. plus, you don't even need extra software for that ;)

I used the TuneBite program and it worked like a charm. It converted ALL of my iTunes songs to Mp3 files and they work great on my Mp3 player. I highly recommend this software.

As posted above:

"Tunebite does work! Go here to download--> http://www.download3000.com/download-Tunebite-count-reg-6795.html When installing, it will ask you to download Lame mp3 encoder. go here--> http://www.free-codecs.com/Lame_Encoder_download.htm

Also, you'll need a serial key, so go here-->


Once installed, select your mp4 song and hit GO."

Follow this and it works with ALL iTunes songs, even 6.0

winamp solution that has worked for me.

1.) from iTunes burn playlist to cd 2.) winamp output preference to file writer plugin to .MP3

blahblah, while your method is sound, keep in mind that not only can iTunes rip such CD's to mp3's, but also, using anything other than iTunes to rip them will result in lost ID3 Tags. just an FYI :)

why not just choose to do a data backup inside of iTunes, and choose MP3 as the format?

don't mean to sound dumb, scott, but where is this option exactly? maybe it's not in the version i use.

try this link or just try tunebite...dbpoweramp and imtoo dont work on new stuff... http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/277424

FYI - iTunes will not rip iTunes files to MP3 format it can only rip existing MP3s. To use iTunes to rip MP3s to CD you need to go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Burning and under Disc Format select MP3 CD. Next, select the files in iTunes or the Playlist you wish to burn and then go to File/Burn Playlist to Disc. But again, iTunes can only rip an MP3 CD of existing MP3s -- it won't convert your iTunes files to MP3. So if you try to rip iTunes files you will get an error message that reads "None of the files can be burned to an MP3 CD"

i was told that Tunebite didn't record until it noticed sound going thru the sound card, which took a split second, causing it to cut-off the beginning of some songs. don't know if this is true or not, as i've never used the prog. i prefer Audacity, which is free.

iTunes won't DIRECTLY convert it's files to mp3, however, you can burn them to CD, then re-rip them to mp3 using iTunes.

scott e-mailed me and said that the option for backing up iTunes files to mp3 WITHOUT burning them to CD, is located in Edit > Preferences > Burning , and then just check the "mp3" box. haven't tried this, but it's interesting that Appl3 would put this feature in it's program, even if it is obscurely placed.

tech challenged and need assistance. i have my entire itunes library in a seperate folder, all files are in mp4 format i have downloaded hymn now what?

first of all d, i am assuming you mean "m4p" files, as "mp4" is usually a video file. also, be sure you are using a version of iTunes earlier than 6.0, or else the procedure won't work. secondly, the process requires jHymn and not just "Hymn" (if you're using Windows XP). also, you don't need to MOVE your files, but some people like to copy them to another folder (other than iTunes' default), and use the COPIES to convert, in case something goes wrong (which it shouldn't).

now, with all these in place, check out the pictures at http://darkflux.net/pix/jhymn1.JPG and http://darkflux.net/pix/jhymn2.JPG . these are the settings i use. one is for the Preferences, the other for "on-screen" settings. you may want to change the Save To location, i just use my Desktop.

now you must "Authorize" jHymn by using one of your iTunes authorizations, tricking iTunes servers into thinking jHymn is another PC running iTunes. this is located under FairKeys > Download Your Keys... enter your Username and Password.

now add your files by either clicking "Add files/folders..." or simply dragging the files/folders into jHymn. then click Convert, and wait for the files to be converted. Voila! there you have it, m4p to mp3 made easy. no thanks necessary, just send money ;)

When I attempt to run hymn, it generates an exception (program error). Any thoughts?

I downloaded hymn hymn-0.7.1 from the link provided.


- da

itunes wont convert it thats insane its their encription use tunebite as described in prior comment hymn and dbpoweramp wont work either your waisting your time and i do mean "m4p" not mp4 its itunes new format for songs there is no delay as afore mentioned it works great there are other programs that work well to just google for soundcard recorder if you want to find something else your more than welcome to try hymn and dbpoweramp but your waisting your time

Tunebite may work fine if you have only a dozen songs or so, but when you've already downloaded hundreds of "useless" m4p files from iTunes (i've seen it happen), NOTHING works faster than jHymn, and if that's not an option, burning to a ReWritable CD is still faster than waiting for each song to fully play, and with the same quality, no less.

i don't know if iTunes actually converts the files or not, i was simply quoting someone else.

Has anyone tried cyberlink?http://www.cyberlink.com/english/products/powerdvd/winxp_plugin_a.html

I know you have to pay for it which again brings up the fact that you have already bought the music and now you have to pay to listen to it again. I won't to just burn my songs to a cd using the itunes burner and rip them back windows player10 which formats them automatically to mp3 format when ripped, but the newest version of iTunes (which I just downloaded) will not allow me to rip in mp3 format. They will play in the windows player but the song albums and track titles come up as unknown. Any suggestions that don't require downloading a million other things just to get them to play in mp3 format??

never tried Cyberlink's mp3 plugin, myself, but from what i've seen, it simply integrates into Windows Media Player as an mp3 codec, and is used instead of the free one that comes with WMP 10 (or WMP 9, which doesn't come with an mp3 encoder). since WMP 10 uses the MSN Music Assistant database to acquire CD info, and NOT the mp3 codec, i'd say what you're talking about, Kacey, isn't feasible. matter of fact, i'm pretty sure that iTunes doesn't actually BURN the data onto the disc, but saves the CD info to it's Music Library database on your PC, meaning that only iTunes can re-rip ID3 info. anybody have confirmation or contradiction to this, i'd seriously love to hear about it.

i didn't know that iTunes' latest incarnation doesn't rip into mp3, they must've caught on to the many "tricks" our little "community" has come up with... just out of curiousity, could you tell me what formats it rips into? if you could rip it into another format which supports ID3 Tags (such as m4a), you could then convert them using dbPoweramp, or whatever. still a hassle, but it's a start.

Where did you hear that iTunes won't rip to MP3? It might not do that by default (it never did), but it still will if you set the preference.

I hack programs for the sheer fun of it and im telling u unless u have cracked the code for the new i tunes version 6 plus u wont be able to convert to mp3. No matter what program u use. The only way to do it is to capture the song as it plays through the sound card so u need tune bite or another capture program. do some dang googling if u dont want to pay for it im sure u can find some other program to capture soundcard output thats free. or check serial dot com for a tunebite serial. anyone who sais different obviously has a older version of itunes or doesnt know what they are talking about. and if u dont want to listen to the music as it dubs turn down your speakers. lol anywho, it has high speed dubbing i captured 119 songs overnight so just let it run overnight. i suggest u do this however before itunes finds a way to stop u by comming out with a new version. and stop pissin round with jhymn or dbpoweramp.

Shadow is right, tunebite is a pretty sweet program that can auto detect when a protected song is playing, and capture it to mp3, unprotected wma, or even ogg (for you hi-qual seekers). would've been nice to have wav, but i'm not gonna complain about that at this point ;) couldn't get the "auto-filename generator to put the file output as <Artist> - <Track Title>.mp3, but other than that, prog worked without a hitch. something to keep in mind, though, is that you can't seem to capture in hi-speed mode, unless your sound card supports the wave output volume capture (right click the volume icon in the taskbar and open "Volume Control". it's marked as "Wave" with a slider). if not, then you can't hi-speed dub, and must also loop the speaker or headphone output to the "LineIn" port, "old-school" style.

but jHymn is STILL the best option for those lucky enough to still be using iTunes 5 or earlier. tunebite does it's job well, but it (mostly) relies on analog playback, whereas jHymn is a direct digital decoding of the file itself, without having to play the track at all. and for those of us who have limited time and/or use of their PC (i.e., at work or the library, or at someone else's house), speed is a priority. and while tunebite can record up to 4x the regular speed of the song, for a 4 minute song it still takes 1 whole minute, where with jHymn i've encoded a 10 minute song into mp3 in less than 30 seconds! and if you're on a PC at work or school or whatever, they often restrict program installations (particularly ones that give the user control over aspects of the PC like tunebite does). jHymn has no "install", you just run the single file program.

one last thing that makes jHymn my personal weapon of choice, is that as i said before, it creates files digitally, rather than playing them and recording on the fly. the difference is that of the difference between the quality of a bootleg recording of a live show, and one that was recorded thru the equipment connected to the instruments directly. MOST people won't notice the difference, but for audiophiles and other "purists" [ like me ;) ] jHymn's process produces files with the LEAST amount of "data loss". once again, MOST PEOPLE WON'T NOTICE the quality difference, i'm simply stating the way to get the highest quality recordings...

if you have iTunes 6 or later you MUST use either tunebite (or Audacity, or other live audio recorders) as Shadow said, or burn to CD and re-rip USING iTunes, as other music rippers lose ID3 Tag data.

cheers, and good luck all :)

Thank You DARKFLUX!!!! Finally, it seams as though someone out there is paying attention. Yes jhyme will work on prevous versions. And if u are seeking to recode to wav (with tunebite)all u have to do is capture to mp3 or such and recode with another program. I'm not positive but I believe windows media player will do this for you. You may have to do some shuffeling but i think in preferances you can convert to wav as it is being riped to your library. If not there are many free recode/convert programs out there just google for one suited for your needs. As far as downloading anything (program wise) i recommend download.com or majorgeeks.com. They are good sites and fairly quick. Many free programs can be found there. I know this is alot of work but untill Jhyme cracks itunes 6/plus there are gunna be many ticked off people out there just like me that have downloaded and paid for (in my case $100american) worth of m4p files from itunes. I believe itunes is only letting you download with the new version of itunes now and im SURE all their songs are now in m4p formatt. Thanks again for confirming my previous statement Darkflux.


We just bought a generic MP3 player and found out, to our dismay, that we couldn't use iTunes to flash the memory, so I tried Music Match Jukebox which works fine except that since this is a generic "el-cheapo" MP3 player it won't support protected mode MP3's even though I've paid for them.

So I've ditched iTunes altogether in favor of Musicmatch and then (thanks to this article) run my purchased music through dB Power amp and it slides right on my player without a hitch.

Wonderful service your providing here. Keep it up.

related product <a href="http://www.yaodownload.com/video-design/video/avimediafixer/">Avi Divx Wmv Real Mp3 Media Fixer Pro</a> make things easier!


Firstly, I am the owner and I am on the computer the tracks were purchased on. I keep getting a 'Couldn't get DRM key for user'. What am I or have I done wrong. Please help. Thanks.

Christine, are you talking about iTunes or jHymn gives you that error message?

The erro I am getting with the 'Couldn't get DRM key for user' is coming from Hymn 0.7.1. I am on a Windows XP Pro box with Service Pack 2 with version of iTunes

well Christine, if you're running Windows, you should've been using jHymn. it has the same functionality in a GUI program so you wouldn't have to run in a command prompt window. hymn is just the older version of that. but that's just a moot point now, because YOU are running iTunes you said, and jHymn (and Hymn) is incompatible with any version of iTunes past 6.0 .

at this point you have 2 options, really: 1)Tunebite. this is the quickest and easiest way for you. although it's NOT free ($17.90), it's a small price to pay for the leisure it provides. you simply loop the output from your sound card, from the SPEAKER OUTPUT (Headphone Jack on notebooks) to the AUX IN (or whatever). then Tunebite detects you playing an encrypted track and automatically records to a predetermined location. the whole process is simplified, and easily customized in menus. 2)Audacity. a FREEWARE program. does the same thing as Tunebite, but you have to adjust the volume leveling, and press record yourself, which may call for editing later. also does NOT capture ID3 track data tags (Artist, Album, etc.), so you must enter these in yourself if you so desire, whereas Tunebite does this automatically.

just like in life, if you want leisure you've got to PAY for it. go with the free stuff (common preference) and there's abit more work involved. if you scroll up abit, you may notice i compared Tunebite and Audacity more thoroughly.

there IS an option 3, but i'm not sure if it works on iTunes 6 or not (i've still got ver. 5), and that is to burn the tracks to a CD-RW, and then re-rip them as mp3's in iTunes. this may be quicker if you have more than 50 songs, but someone has told me this is no longer an option in current iTuneses. you can try it if you like, and if it works, post back here and let us know, if you would be so kind.

if you have further issues, or troubles doing any of the above, just ask :) oh, and anyone who HAS NOT INSTALLED iTunes, and would like a copy of version, just e-mail me at zzzz4444 (a) yahoo (dot) com. if you already have 6.0 or greater installed, you're out of luck, i'm afraid, and must do one of the above methods instead. thanx, and good luck!

There is a answer to all this you know.... For gods sake stop buying songs from itunes, money talks and if they are not getting the revenue because their service sucks then they will change their ways.


Hi and thx all. I used to burn an audio cd with iTunes and then burn it back again to mp3s with Audiograbber -now it's for free, with LAME encoder- . Audiograbber recognize the album so you don't have to tag manually the files, and this make the whole thing reasonabilly fast; but if u burnend a "compilation" u have to enter manually each and every data - and it can be annoyin. So I did not store too much files without converting them, and work for my music program later, with a third software -Mixmeister- . And there is a waste of cd to get your music stored on a player or on a pc !!! Nevertheless reading your posts I realized there is no easy way - anyhow you get the music you payed for only after having worked after it for many minutes more. Does any1 have any shortcut? Have a nice day, and keep on.

http://www.topvideopro.com/guide/how_to_convert_protected_m4v_m4p_aa_m4b.htm A guide about convert protected M4P, M4V files.

burn it to CD straight from iTunes, rip it to MP3, rename files to your liking.

tunebite works pretty good! www.tunebite.com. download the demo and try, I found it's right what I was looking for. the only bad thing -if any- is it launches iTunes automatically, and it converts m4p to mp3 at X4 maximum speed. But you save lots of cd's!

*************************************** burn it to CD straight from iTunes, rip it to MP3, rename files to your liking. Posted by ********** at 6/15/06 3:54 PM *************************************** WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The above is bad information....As has been repeatidly stated previously in this article you'll be waisting your time doing this if u use Itunes version 6.0 or later.

You simply must get sound card capture software. Such as Tunebite.

I sencerily hope that people will quit handing out information when they obviously dont know what they are talking about.

Sorry to anyone who maybe offended by this, but, quit giving out bad advice. You really could be waisting the readers time and money. And, I for one, would not appreciate it if I was the person seeking answers here.

I spent hours searching for a way to convert. Literally hours!! I'd say at least 12 or 13 of them. After i unknowingly had already prepaid for over a hundred dollars of itunes. Downloaded them, figuring conversion was a snap as with earlier versions of itunes, only to find out that I unknowingly purchased m4p's. Which is the only format I could get on all of the $100 plus of songs I downloaded. And it is agreed as far as i can tell that, just not purchasing anymore Itunes is the way to go. Anyway, I finally happened across Tunebite and I was able to convert.

Thank You.... Tunebite Creators.... Thank You....

Um, I have no problem following the advice of burning to CD, then ripping to MP3 on iTunes 6 -- I was able to do an entire album in less than 5 minutes, just overwriting the M4P files with MP3 files -- it even kept the album art and all meta tags. So, while I agree one should not spread false information, and I think it's still a PITA to convert many songs via the burn/rip method, I don't think it's fair to say it doesn't work.

don't mean to act like a mediator, but maybe if you each posted which SPECIFIC versions you have (i.e.,, then we could figure out what area they implemented the "no re-rip" "FEATURE". i figure it must've been between you-two's versions, and figuring it out might help others visiting this page :)

Fair enough: mine is

It will be fascinating to see if the minor version does, indeed, make a difference. I'd be curious to know the mechanism iTunes could use to PREVENT ripping a CD to MP3 (short of removing that option entirely from the software -- but, even then you could just use different CD ripping software).

One thing worth noting is that if you go direct from purchased music to CD then rip that CD immediately it will prompt you to overwrite the existing files, so if you wanted to both keep the existing files AND have MP3s you'd probably have to move the existing files out of the way first, then do your ripping, then rename one or the other in some way, but not sure why you'd necessarily want to keep both in your iTunes library.

Cool! I found an excellent tutorial which describes how to convert drm-protected itunes M4p to MP3/Wma/Ogg, M4v to Mp4/Wmv directly. You need not waste a CD-R to burn M4p to CDa. http://www.topvideopro.com/guide/how_to_convert_protected_m4v_m4p_aa_m4b.htm Hope it helps.

Another way (like Tunebite, only free) is on windows, go to the sound recorder. go to file>>properties, and make sure in convert now it shows cd quality. make sound recording under edit>>audio properties a wave device. hit record and you'll notice the length of the clip will stop at 60 seconds. hit it again and you can record up to 120 seconds. everytime you hit record you have more time to record. Now, play a song in iTunes and start recording. Once the song is over, stop the sound recorder and save the recorded song. Open Windows Movie Maker and import the recorded song. Crop it to the sound if you have an extra piece of clip before and after the song. Save as .wma Use windows media or convert it to mp3 by using the free converter from http://koyotstar.free.fr/indexEn.html

or instead of fafing on you could just download the new jhymn at http://hymn-project.org/ and it does it all for you, no getting your head messed up thinking about converting to this and to that through this via that after typing whatever where ever, simply click the songs you want converting into mp3 and TA DAAA!!!

Copyright infringement??? This is more like an anti-trust violation on the part of apple to force you to have to use only an iPod to play music for which you paid.

UHHH there is a MUCH easier way to do this......... in ITUNES!!!! in you library, right click the song you want..... and click CONVERT SELECTION TO MP3...........

um, i hate to break this to you Brian, but: "<song title> could not be converted because of an authorization error.". this is, of course, because the m4p files are COPY PROTECTED, and no program around can directly convert them. you need to either capture the audio as it plays, or wait for jHymn to update (unless of course you have an iTunes earlier than 6). if you CAN convert a PROTECTED m4p file to mp3, please let me know which version of iTunes you're running. thanks.

darkflux, I'm afraid all of this is covered in the info on this blog and hymn and iOpener's pages... It doesn't work with the current version of iTunes so install an older one if you need it. It's a good idea to read all of the tech support stuff for a product before railing on the author; you end up making it harder to get help if you do it this way

proFeign, i have no idea where you got the idea i was talking about using jHymn. the previous post was referencing doing audio conversion in iTunes WITHOUT jHymn (or other programs), and all i mentioned was the error message iTunes gave me. for the record i HAVE an older version of iTunes that works with jHymn still, i was just trying to figure out how Brian can convert m4p files to mp3 (and which version he's using). trust me, i've read more "tech support stuff" than most people would bother to. which is why i mentioned that you need a version of iTunes earlier than 6.0 to work with jHymn. i don't mean any disrespect to ANYONE here; i'm just trying to see, if someone HAS overcome iTunes' limitations, how they've done it :)

Honestly people just buy tunebite, its not much i dont think, or free even (if you know where to get it if you know what i mean ;) ) and then just use tunebite, it'll take the copy protection and convert to mp3 at the same time.

it kinda uses the format of recording the tracks but it can record tracks at 2x/4x the speed of the track without losing any original quality. took me like 25 mins to do a whole album that i bought off itunes earlier.

y'know what Lee? i don't think any of these people REALLY want a "FREE" solution. i mean, if they DID, they'd all be just DOWNLOADING the music on P2P in the format they want, like I... I mean, like "some" people do, instead of PAYING for it in the format that they DON'T want ;)


seriously though, i only used iTunes for the "Pepsi free download" thing last summer, and got "suckered in" to the whole "converting files" thing inadvertently along the way...

well like i said you can actually use that app without paying if you know where to get it.

and with the p2p thing, well some stuff you can actually get on itunes where as you cant get for free.

anyway itunes should sell mp3's instead of these shitty m4p's in the first place anyway!

Hey, you can easily convert fil iTune M4P to MP3, M4P to WMA and OGG and also convert iTunes video to WMV and iPod MP4. by visiting thethe URL: http://www.soft29.com/convert/convert_fil_itunes_mp4_mp3.html

hi, all. as of at least 2 weeks ago, iTunes 5.x won't work with the jHymn trick. i myself have 5.0 installed, and was lucky enough to never upgraded when 6.0 came out, and i still can neither un-protect files with jHymn myself, nor can i even BUY music anymore using 5.0, because they changed the servers that are used for file verification... unfortunately, this means that in order to even play the files you've already purchased, you must upgrade to the latest iTunes, which is what i have recently done. if you still wanna TRY v.5.x, there's no harm in it, but i wouldn't hold my breath if i were you. i still have 5.0 iTunes if anyone wants it, just don't count on it working. cheers, df

P.S., btw, the Tunebite / Audacity trick still works (for now), so i recommend you take FULL advantage of it, if you so desire.

and while you're at it, try only using iTunes only for files you can't get elsewhere without encryption of some sort; let Apple know how opposed to this bogus $#!+ by "voting with your money" ;)

love ya, df

well exactly, that's what i do. theres tons of other legal download sites these days WITHOUT the silly encypted m4p files so why use itunes?

and yer that tunebite should always work, whatever itunes do cause as long as you can play the track then your good to go, maybe itunes will stop you playing the track altogether though i wouldnt bet against it lol

Y'all will get a kick outta this site:



i was wondering if i could get a little help with convertin thing..

its says "Couldn't GET DRM for User"


Thanks Jason

Jason, not enough details, but i'm guessing you're trying to use "jHymn" ? that program does NOT presently work, as iTunes has changed the way it's servers are set up. the only ways to "convert" iTunes files anymore is to either burn to CD, then re-rip, or use Tunebite (or Audacity, if you prefer "freeware"), to "capture" the music on-the-fly as it plays. jHymn will most likely have a woeking version eventually, but due in part to the amount of "updates" iTunes has had over just the past YEAR, it may not BE for another year or so *crosses fingers* until then, it's the hardway(s). sorry dude. df

DF Thank You

appreciate the quickness of your reply


Just a thought: jhymn uses Jon Johansens code to crack the apple DRM (called FairPlay!) This October he announced that he had reverse engineered FairPlay, so that other companies could play their DRM-protected music and movies on iPods and iTV.

His company, DoubleTwist Ventures, would license the technology to media companies who wished to have their media playable on the iPod or iTV, with the protection of FairPlay DRM, but without having to go through Apple.

The upshot of this seems to be that he wont be cracking itunes again in the near future, and jhymn will remain unusable.

Any thoughts?

fresh thought for the week: http://hymn-project.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1553

the latest version is 6.2.5 beta2 it WORKS! and i must thank you milouchien, because without you having mentioned jHymn, i might not've checked for an update for awhile :D now i'm not saying i don't hope that jHymn never recovers, but something is better than nothing in the meantime ;)

btw,sidenote: for anyone interested in a Chronology of the MANY accomplishments of Mr. Johansen: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Johansen

emjoi, kiddiez >B]

If you're on a Mac, you might want to check out FairGame:


It apparently uses iMovie scripting to extract the audio from the DRM (though, from reading it it sounds like you get un-DRM AAC files, not MP3s, but that's easy to solve in iTunes directly with the Convert to MP3 functionality).

keep in mind that FairGame doesn't simply remove the encryption, it "re-encodes" the stream to an .m4a file (using iMovie), and that re-encoding THAT to an mp3, you'll be losing even MORE quality. unfortunately this may be the only backdoor presently for Mac users. fortunately though, the program is free :)


yeah, i think i am not doing this right... am i supposed to install hymn to the directory? i just unzipped it there. anyone wanna help? heh.

hymn no longer works. if you have winxp, i recommend QTFairUse, as i posted abit ago.

man i wish there was a way to remove the outdated posts on this page!

I'm sorry to be repeating this question, but with the old posts it is hard to get the past information for methods that no longer work...I'm looking for a converter to work with iTunes 7, however I can't find the link to QTFairUse mentioned above. I really appreciate the help of escaping the iTunes trap.

Thanks guys! Leah

sorry bout that, i figured it'd be easy enough to google it, but as it turns out the actual DOWNLOAD is the 5th or 6th one down google's results list! guess there's more GOSSIP and news about it than there are people actually downloading it :D

ok, so here's the link to the latest QTFairUse6, version 2.5: http://rapidshare.com/files/5251505/QTFairUse6-2.5.zip

you should probably check Hymn's forums every so often for an update (if you're actually still gonna get songs using iTunes). it's at hymn-project.org

good luck!

Here lists an excellent guide for converting itunes drm m4p to mp3, wma formats (unprotected). http://www.topvideopro.com/guide/how_to_convert_protected_m4v_m4p_aa_m4b.htm Works nice.

oh geez, how many times is that link gonna be posted before people start checking the page FIRST? the link simply redirects to Tunebite, which, while it DOES help you get an mp3 from an m4p, QTFairUse6 does that FOR FREE!

as long as THAT program works for you, Tunebite is only good for iTunes VIDEO conversion...


sorry for the misunderstanding. i just downloaded QTFU6... i'll post if it works or not soon. also is there any way to know that there's nothing malicious in it? i don't know that download site... i'd rather burn CDs than compromise my machine...

bpurcellblog [[at]] fouronefive

ignore this string of characters a;sldkfjad;lfkj dott com

I use the "burn cd and rip" method, but in order to save time and cd's i use something called Daemon Tools. This allows me to mount another cd drive and then when i burn the audio cd's its just to an image file, which i can then mount and rip. because its all local and no disc is being read, "burn" and "rip" times become much faster, my guess would be the equivalent of 100x

The software "NoteBurner" from http://www.noteburner.com can convert

protected music purchased from online to normal MP3 very easy. It works as a

virtual CD Burner, so it could convert almost all kinds of music fromat.

Tested with iTunes, after selecting the default CD Burner to "NoteBurner CD-

RW" , then burning a playlist, it even keeps the artist and name info, and

the converting is automatically.

sorry 'bout not gettin' ya right away proFeign, somehow i got "UN-subscribed" to this thread...

never heard of RapidShare? must not get around the net much, eh? heh, heh ;) no, RapidShare is highly reputable, many people share...er, "less-than-legal" files there, as even if they get pulled (as they often do in about a couple weeks to a month), someone ALWAYS re-posts another copy soon (which i shall do my best to post here, if that's ok). plus using RapidShare is free, as long as you can spare the "waiting" time. i've been using the file on that link for almost a month now, and have yet to experience any "upsets", nor has Norton AntiVirus said anything about it...

now...norvle. using Daemon Tools is a cost effective way of getting un-DRMed files, but keep in mind that it's only good if you have "Burn Rights" for the file. also, what program are you using to burn m4p's to an image file? i know Nero won't (at least not ver. 7). Tunebite is best for those without Burn Rights, or even better: QTFairUse6, which i mentioned abit ago...

one last thing. i've noticed alot of posting on various chatboards about NoteBurner... they all seem to be in the same format; that of trying to convince you to buy it. and the more people that "check it out" and visit the site, the higher it gets on google and Yahoo's search results list. i don't know for sure that it's the people who make NoteBurner posting, but ALL the posters are newbs to the posts! what are the odds... people like that need to stick to advertising instead of wasting forum & blog space (this page is BIG enough as it is!). just my 2 cents. NoteBurner is an amazing program, surely, but Tunebite's still cheaper, and QTFairUse6 does the same job, quicker AND for free, and you can't BEAT that!

This all is very complicated. I just make an audio CD and re-rip the tracks from the CD...voila, mp3s.

Dude This is great!!! I recommend you download JHymn instead, this is an application which converts straight to mp3 for you, cutting out the hassle. Same website as above, get and make you life easier!!!

Samuel... what can i say? you obviously have not yet TRIED jHymn, as you would have noticed that it no longer works for iTunes 6.0 and newer. that is posted on http://www.hymn-project.org/jhymndoc/ , the project's webpage. you should always try the medicine YOURSELF before recommending it to others...

Jane, i like your reply better, but keep in mind, that takes more time than simply directly converting it, not to mention wasting valuable CD-R's. the concept here is NOT to spend any MORE money than you already have to purchase the .m4p's in the FIRST place. if you MUST burn+rip, however, you should use CD-RW's, so you can re-use them...

Hi, I have been reading this blog regularly, waiting for freedom from the iTunes limitations. I finally freed my files using QTFairUse6. Thanks for the help with that.

However, being less than completely technically competent, I have a bunch of AAC files that I can play on any machines, but not on my MP3 player. Is there a quick and easy way to convert these AAC files to MP3?

Recommend a great <a href="http://www.ipod-zune-psp.com">mp4 to mp3 converter</a>, It can convert mp4/aac/m4a/m4p to mp3. The link is: http://www.ipod-zune-psp.com/mp4-to-mp3-converter.html

you can get all your iTunes files into the same folder just by dragging them from your songs and lots of laptop like eee pc you help you do that:http://www.cheap-laptop-battery.co.uk/Asus-Eee-PC-laptop-battery.htm New*Asus Eee PC battery [4400 mAh,7.4V ]New and high quality eee pc Laptop Battery Brand.

Hello. I am searching in http://google.com, http://music-and-soundtracks.com .mp3 music, and still can find it. Everywhere it is not for free ($39 - $49 per month) Please anybody, give me the link where i can download new .mp3, It would be good preset you can make the cute girl. Sorry for bad english!

I used this free program its called switch. It converts most music files into mp3


I know your talking about this, but what about if you don't have an MP3 file or an M4P file and you're trying to convert a song from iTunes?

This is my first time comment at your blog. http://www.thewowgold.net and very happy to comment here.

USE ITUNES ITSELF!!! all you have to do is go to Advanced and then press "Make a MP3 version". That's it!!! I jsut did that and it worked. All the files were turned into Mp3. :)

as of the latest version, "Create mp3 version" has been replaced with "Create AAC version".

at least i still have torrents! >:)

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