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March 24, 2005

JRun 4 Updater 5 was released today. You can find a listing of the issues it addresses here. There are several fixes for the connector that you should check out, especially if you are using connector clustering.


Should this be applied to CFMX 7 servers running on Multiserver configuration?

And what is about CF 6.1 Updater 1 J2EE with Jrun4 ??

CFMX 7 with JRun 4 U5 is tested and supported. I do not have the full information on CFMX 6.1 U1 but you should check back to the macromedia website in the near future for a full update and technote.

Do think this upgrade would help with the following problem I'm having:

I uninstalled CF 6.1 Ent and then installed a fresh copy of CF 7 Ent on ServerA. Running on the same subnet is another CF 7 Ent server (ServerB) that has a Coldfusion cluster on it called cfCluster. When I did the upgrade on ServerA I setup a cluster with the same name (cfCluster) not thinking about the other server being out there. When I did that the 2 CF instances on ServerA found the cluster of the same name on ServerB and set themselves up as replication peers. The 2 instances on ServerA also found each other and the cluster worked just fine.

I don't really want the two machines to be working together at this point so I figured I would create a cluster with a different name on ServerB so they wouldn't be conflicting. Once I did that, the cluster on Server B still works just fine but now the instances on ServerA won't cluster together. They startup as if they weren't part of a cluster at all. There are none of the normal JINI entries in the log.

Obviously the clustering can work but for some reason the instances on ServerA can't see each other without the help of an external server. Very strange.

Do you think this upgrade might solve that problem or is there somewhere else I should look first.


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