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November 17, 2005

Has anyone seen or tried this before? This post claims that defragging your Ipod hard drive actually improves its performance. I guess it actually makes sense, any hard drive over time starts to get a little out of whack. It is probably more of a problem on the larger drives where a user is shifting music around a lot. May even be more worthwhile on the video ipod where you a swapping out content a lot.


I do this on a regular basis using Executive Software Diskeeper. I am not sure however whether it really offers any performance in the long run.

You'd really need a disk expert to jump in on this topic.

From what I perceive however any performance boost is liable to small.


I don't know anything about ipods, but I have used an archos hard drive mp3 player since 2003, and, hey, it's a hard drive.

I treat it just like any other hard drive. I've checked it for errors (using both norton's and xp's scan) and I've defragged, too.

It is essentially just another small hard drive to me. And I've had no problems. If I remember correctly, this may have been answered on Archos site as being an ok thing to do, too, but I'm not positive and, unfortunately, their site is a rather fluid thing. I can never find anything where it once was the last time I visited.

Don't know if this helps at all, just my two cents.

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