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September 1, 2008
A large majority of my summer has been spent working in the backyard on a large project. It started in April and although I have more to do I am going to attempt to enjoy the rest of the summer and get back to work in late August. It all started last year after I started building the deck You can see the entire process from start to finish. http://www.bpurcell.org/viewcontent.cfm?contentID=148


Thanks for sharing - nice job! We are planning our second pool project, and my budget this time will be quite a bit more tight than previously, so the links and info is very helpful.

A beautiful pool! I've been reading about this pool company and trying to find out more info. about them. You answered a lot of my questions. The pool building pictures are great. What are the dimensions of your pool?

Have you had any contact with Fountain Pools since the installation? We also hired them in 2008. Since then every year we have had problems with our pool. Concrete split, heater leaked, filter shot , lights won't work and liner is coming off. Owner ( Steve) won;t return phone calls and is extremely rude. I would never recommend them!

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