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September 1, 2008

Last year we purchased the Safety First Kidtrax Corvette for my son from Toys R Us. After having it only a few months the battery stopped holding a charge and it would run down after a few minutes. I went to Toys R Us to find a replacement battery and they did not have them, they couldn't even order them. ? I started looking on the internet and found that the Safety First batterys are almost $90 with shipping which I found a bit ridiculous. I decided to try and find an aftermarket battery and found one that is normally used in UPS's.

Here is the set of steps and the battery to get you up and running


I have the same problem with my son's toy car. What did you do? The link does not work.

www.Kidswheels.com for $75.72 with shipping. SKU # sku324 Safety First Corvette Spare Battery $69.95 + $5.77 (tax only in TX) total $75.72. Still a rip off when you think of it but better than just having the thing (Batmobile) sitting there taking up sacred garage space!!!

Please please check that link - I would love to go after market with this frustrating situation!!! When I go to the link, the page is blank - thanks!

Thanks for taking the time to publish this. I was agonizing over having to tell my daughter her pink corvette wouldn't work a while longer because there's better things dad can do with 100 bucks - like buy food!

This is doable and i'll be a hero again! :-)

Thanks very much.

We have been trying to find an alternative way to fix our battery problem for our son's dump truck and found this!! I bought a battery from that link and made a trip to Radio Shack today! I will let you know how it all turns out! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this up!

Great to hear that this information has been helpful. It is frustrating how much the replacement batteries cost and this is a simple solution to address the problem.

I just picked up a Corvette off of Craigslist and it has battery issues and an issue with the battery harness. I will try to duplicate your fix which should save me both time and money. Thanks so much...

Bradndon, I went to Radio Shack and they do not carry the 40 amp inline fuse connector. Does it have to be 40 amp? They do carry a 30 amp. I not do you think a auto parts store would have them. Also what gage wire? I assume 12 or 14 AWG. And what size connectors for the battery. Please email I want to set up my daughter with thhis an save me some $$$

Thanks Dave

Thank you very much for your information! I almost paid $110.00 for a new Safety 1st battery. With your information I changed the system and it cost me $62.93.

Just followed these steps and works great! bought a battery at radio shack for 34 bucks my husband fixed the car in less than 20 minutes!

Thank you so much your information really help me. I have the same problem with my daughter car. Thanks

I also went to Radio Shack. The inline fuse protector came on a 10 gauge wire and has a 30 Amp max. Is this the correct inline fuse protector and can I use a 30 Amp fuse?

I took the 10 gauge inline fuse protector back to Radio Shack. I went to a local automotive store and got a 12 gauge (red wire) inline mini fuse protector for a 30 amp max fuse and a 30 amp ATM mini fuse. Also purchased was 12 gauge black wire. The 12 gauge wire was chosen as it is the same size wire used for the electical wiring. I wired the new battery as was previously described and the car works beautifully. Thank you so much for the blue print!

Go to a Batteries Plus store and they can retro fit the batteries with one of theirs. Not always really pretty but hey....it works great!!!

I used the same replacement battery (At $27+ shipping) as this is a better than original battery and my kids are elated with the performance. Went to the local hardware for an inexpensive in line fuse replacement. About 10 minutes I had it soldered and ready to go. This for my youngest daughter, I added pin striping to the vette. For this type of battery I also reccommend a Schumacher trickle charger like they carry at Autozone.

Thanks for the help. I also went to Radio Shack, found the 30 amp inline fuse, spade connectors and ordered the battery from Gruber Power Services. The battery fits perfect and the additional amps gives the battery a longer life from the original. Total cost was about $50.00. I also modified the charger and it works great !!!

My grandkids were heart broken because their Fire Truck never worked so I finally fixed it and found all sorts of cheap reliable ways to do it. I will never pay for a stock battery again, even at $69.99 it's way to much. Go to www.cammhsm.com and see solutions that are cheap, better batteries, chargers and more to save money on this battery problem

Got a safety 1st fire truck for free was disappointed to find out how much was wrong with it. I looked a few places online and ended up buying a new gearbox, battery, and charger straight from the company for about $70. I didn't think that was to bad. The only thing I am wondering is if I should use the new Safety 1st battery or the Peg Perego that they rewired it for?

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