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September 1, 2008

Something has really been annoying me with Firefox 3 where it would open a new tab for pop up windows. It was particular annoying when I was using a Content Management System that normally opens an HTML editor in a popup window and resize the popup window to a particular size. Instead of opening a new window the HTML editor would open in a new tab and resize the browser so that after I was done with the HTML editor I had to resize the browser back to its original size. I searched in the configuration for Firefox but the only configuration change is to change the behavior so that new links open in a new window and not a new tab, there was nothing about changing the behavior for pop ups.

With a little searching around Google I found a solution that solves the problem. The first step is to enter about:config into the address window to enter the advanced configuration panel. In the filter enter browser.link.open_newwindow.

The original setting for "browser.link.open_newwindow" is set to 3, set this value to 2 close the browser and reopen it. Now Firefox will open popup windows normally. I found the tip here.


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