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September 2, 2008

If you have been working with computers very long you have probably experienced that sinking feeling when you realize that you have a dead hard drive without a recent backup of your important files. Well this happened to me this weekend with my blog and I did have a backup but it was from April 2007. I can't explain how mad I was at myself because I had just thought about running a backup earlier in the week before the server failed. While I have not been blogging much recently I had posted several entries since April of last year and I couldn't think of a way to get them back. Then I realized that nearly every HTML page on the internet is cached by Google, it is amazing when you think about it. I started searching on google for specific blog entry IDs, here is an example "site:bpurcell.org 1101". This brought up the specific link, then I opened the cached version and saved each entry to disk. This not only included the content of the blog entry but also the comments. Luckily I have been storing my images on flickr recently so I did not have to go searching for my images. It took a while to pull together the entries but after a few hours I had it rebuilt. I still need to add the comments but at least I have the site back up and running, along with a better backup strategy for the future!


Sorry to hear that, its pretty amazing you can pull this all together from Google.

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