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July 11, 2003
  1. Build database schema based off of Ray's blogger (use SQL Script in a CF page)
    1. create new accessdb called contentV2.mdb
    2. rename existing tables
  2. Write scripts to migrate data to new format, ensure I migrate the category (data will be multi-category going forward) Scripts will migrate final data on go-live date.
  3. Rename existing table for content management content (links, section headings, etc) Rename the old myblog.cfc to sitecontent.cfc and change all references from blog to content along with the directory /blog to /contentmanager
  4. Remember to keeps /blog/index.cfm?blogID=xx so search engines can still refer to my contents (will be depracated later) May want to write a system that will redirect or just include the content.  I decided to use Rays links now
  5. Integrate Ray's blog.cfc into the site as a base for building the blogger
  6. Integrate Ray's index.cfm into my index.cfm (keep content header)
  7. Integrate Ray's index.cfm into each section (I still need to figure this one out)
  8. Build a new blog editor integrating soEditor and Rays blog editor (use pop up?)
  9. Test Jimg from DRK v4 (need JDK 1.4 or RedSky) talk to Cass about moving to RedSky

Enhancements/Features of v2.0

  1. Blogs will be multicategory
  2. Calendar will be provided on home page, CF, JRun etc
  3. Will be able to view postings by category, month, day and last X days
  4. RSS feed (need to explore RSS 2.0 feed) 
  5. Add error handling in case the blog ID doesn't exist (bullet proofing)
  6. Finish Photo Album feature (Test Jimg)

Remind Cass that he should update to RedSky when it is out. I will need to update my internal CF admin to the redsky bits


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