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Welcome to, the personal homepage of Brandon Purcell. I started building many, many years ago to share information I ran across everyday in my role as a Support Engineer and Consultant for Macromedia/Adobe. As a support engineer and consultant I always had a lot to blog about but as I moved into managment roles at Adobe my technical content dwindled.

I currently work as the Director of Technology for Universal Mind. My primary responsiblity is managing the SpatialKey project and it has been an amazing experience. I have been spending a lot of time working with Amazon Ec2 and will share my experiences through the blog in the future. I truly believe that Cloud Computing is the IT platform of the future and we have built the SpatialKey architecture on top of Ec2.

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March 11, 2004

JRun updater 3 was released today. There are many bug fixes and updates to JRun in this release, you can see a full list of the updates and bug fixes here. 

Important Update April 22 2004: If you downloaded the JRun U3 updater before April 14th then you should go back and download it again. There have been several fixes to the connector in this latest update. Specifically the fix that breaks the connector with CF deployed to /. The latest download can be found here.


As the JRun go-to guy, I have a couple questions (if you don't mind) that I don't see addressed in the Release Notes:

1) Does CFMX use its own version of the JDBC drivers (macromedia_drivers.jar I believe) or JRun's version? If JRun's, can the JDBC drivers be safely used with CFMX 6.1? If MX has its own version, can/should we re-direct MX to use the U3 version? Or should we still stick with the CFMX Plus hotfix version?

2) That clustering known issues are a huges red flag for our site, which relies on this functionality heavily. Did you observe this problem in all cases? Or only on certain platforms/setups?

3) Are there any other CFMX/JRun "gotchas" to be aware of?

Thanks in advance.

1)CFMX has its own version of the JDBC drivers and I would stick with the CFMX Plus hotfix version (3.1+) until Macromedia releases new drivers for CFMX. I would look for these in the near future

2)50560 is hard to reproduce and occurs rarely although I have seen it on Solaris primarily. 50179 occurs when there is a newtwork failure between the connector and JRun server. If the JRun server fails or is shut down it will fail over immediately

3)I haven't found any specific gotchas with this updater running CFMX

I have to say that I just updated JRUN with updater 3 and I am impressed! CFMX is running like a dream and like 4 times faster. The database drivers are a god send. The old ones were way too slow.

Updater 3 killed our clustered Jrun install.

If you start IIS (W2k) prior to JRun loading it'll load the connector. Start the CFusion instances and you get a 500 error in the browser.

Start IIS after JRun, and it refuses to load.

Here is an update (oh yeah, I replicated this on another machine).

I had to rename jrun4 to jrun4-old and do a "point-in-time" restore from our backup system to recover my development machine. Still have another server down and I'm going to experiment further with it to figure out why Updater3 hoses the system.

We're running CFusion on J2EE in JRun4. Its on a Windows 2000, SP4 dual processor server with 1GB of RAM.

Basically, here is what happened: On Tuesday I installed Updater3 after stopping and disabling all of the CF related services and IIS. I then installed Updater3. Updater3 said it was finished and press done. So I did. I assumed it had done everything it needed to do so I restarted IIS and CF. Today, I needed to reboot the server. When the server came back up we were getting error 500 in the web browser.

If you started IIS with CF/Jrun down then the connector would load. Then startup CF/Jrun the connector would remain loaded, but you only get 500 errors. Start JRun first when IIS was down and then start IIS 2nd the connector would refuse to load. Sometimes it would log a "cannot find" error (even though the file was there and properly formatted). Sometimes it would error out with something about bad memory (I cant recall and I've lost the entry).

I'd strongly advise to use extreme caution when installing this updater on a multi-instance/clustered CFusion/JRun install.

Make sure (as always) you have good backups and recovery procedures prior to starting with this patch.

I believe this is caused by bug #54614 and is a problem with the connector when you have a web application deployed to /.

Check the c:\jrun4\lib\wsconfig\1\ directory after you see the error in the browser do you see the following error?

2004-03-16 06:36:44 jrISAPI[filter:1192] An ACCESS VIOLATION occurred in JRun Connector filter!

I will post an update as soon as I have one.

Yes! We deploy to /. And do get the Access Violation error.

It's unfortunate that Macromedia hasn't issued clear guidelines on whether folks running CFMX6.1 on JRUN should install the JRUN Updater 3. It totally hosed my CFMX 6.1 instances. For more info, read here

We had similar problems with the IIS connector after installing JRUN updater three. Macromedia has sent me an updated wsconfig.jar file that has resolved it. Supposedly there is now a known issue with updater 3.

Is there any way to get said jar file other than forking up a credit card and calling support?

This issue is actively being worked on and a select group of customers have a fix in their hands. All fixes need to go through full regression testing before being released on the website as a public hotfix.

All the more reason that Macromedia should:

1. Make the CFMX bug tracking system publicly viewable 2. Issue an advisory to warn current MX 6.1 users to specifically not install the JRUN 4 Updater 3!

I just fell into this trap myself.

I installed JRun from the CFMX 6.1 installer. Basically, JRun 4 Updater 2. After I tried (unsuccessfully) for 4 days to get session replication working across 2 servers on 2 hosts, I finally opened a ticket with MM.

After many attempts, I finally decided to install Updater 3. About 10 minutes after the install, I found this blog.

I feel like I have taken 2 steps forward and 3 steps back today. If anyone can supply me with the new wsconfig.jar (or .exe), I would appreciate it. I have requested MM send it to me, but seeing Brandon's earlier post ("a select group of customers have a fix in their hands."), I have a feeling that I'm going to have to wait for this one.

Oh well, time to talk to my Project Manager.....

I have the same problem. We are running a cluster of multiple instance CFMX 6.1 for Jrun4 updater 3 with IIS 6 on win 2003 server.

There is no problem when running all instances from a context root of "/cfmx" or whatever, but when running with context root "/" I get page cannot be display error and sometimes something about an internal memory error.

I've been stuffing around for the last month trying to get JRun clustering to work on our production servers and at this point I think it may be more trouble than it's worth. If we finally do get it going how much down time am I going to have to plan for in order to keep JRun going?

For the time being I would like to know if the previously mentioned wsconfig.jar file is available???

Any help with this would be appreciated.

The issues that you have encountered with the connector have been addressed. If you downloaded the JRun U3 updater before April 14th then you should go back and download it again. There have been several fixes to the connector in this latest update. Specifically the fix that breaks the connector with CF deployed to /.

You can download it here:

Do we have to reapply the JDBC update after applying Updater3 if we've done JDBC before U3?

This is just an update for the core classes of JRun so it will update the {jrun-root}/lib/macromedia_drivers.jar. This will not update the macromedia_drivers.jar that is used by ColdFusion in {jrun-root}/servers/servername/cfusion-ear/cfusion-war/WEB-INF/cfusion/lib/macromedia_drivers.jar. If you are using JRun datasources then you can update the JRun drivers in /lib.

We have used the latest Updater and we have had our ColdFusion on J2EE go down twice now requiring clean installs on both occasions. We are still looking but this seems to have happened both times after registering, deleting or trying to register an Access datasource. Could be a coincidence, but needless to say two major crashes of CFMX on J2EE (6.1 w/all the latest drivers) in two days leads me to believe this one is not ready for Prime Time. The performance does _look_ better, just don't touch it once its going...

If you have (like I did) modified the default port for the 'admin' server, you will need to modify it again after the installation. Apparently, the U3 will ensure that the admin server uses port 8000.

I am confused about when the most recent release of Updater occured. All there is on MM is 14-Apr-2004 -- but you say 22-Apr-2004 -- Which is correct and where can I find the real Info from MM ?

I'm having trouble getting my site to work correctly with U3. On each server, I see the following entry in the connector log file:

2004-04-28 07:04:55 jrISAPI[filter:1516] could not open serverstore "E:/JRun4/lib/wsconfig/1/": No such file or directory

Yet, this file exists, and seems to have all the appropriate information in it.


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