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Welcome to, the personal homepage of Brandon Purcell. I started building many, many years ago to share information I ran across everyday in my role as a Support Engineer and Consultant for Macromedia/Adobe. As a support engineer and consultant I always had a lot to blog about but as I moved into managment roles at Adobe my technical content dwindled.

I currently work as the Director of Technology for Universal Mind. My primary responsiblity is managing the SpatialKey project and it has been an amazing experience. I have been spending a lot of time working with Amazon Ec2 and will share my experiences through the blog in the future. I truly believe that Cloud Computing is the IT platform of the future and we have built the SpatialKey architecture on top of Ec2.

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June 3, 2004

On Tuesday June 8th I will be presenting at the Syracuse ColdFusion User Group Meeting. I will be presenting on Performance Tuning ColdFusion.  As we all know, your ColdFusion applications can never perform as well as you want them to. This presentation will explain how to measure performance, load test and tune your server to squeeze out every last drop of speed.

I will discuss my experience from lessons learned working with countless customers through the Macromedia professional services and support organizations. The tuning process is described in detail along with information specific to tuning ColdFusion application code and server settings. This includes the process of

  • Monitoring Performance
  • Finding bottlenecks
  • Running load tests
  • Systematically finding optimizations
  • Tuning J2EE application server settings

Hope to see you there. You can find the details on the Central New York Usergroup website. I will driving over from Rochester, are there any ColdFusion users in the Rochester area? I am working on lining up other presentations in the upstate New York area.


I'm a CF developer in Rochester. The local UG is fairly quiet...the Syracuse group is much more active. Perhaps I'll see you in Syracuse (the city where I grew up).


Mike, I moved to Rochester last year and was wondering if I could drum up some local interest.

I'm interested...where did you move from, and why Rochester? Not that there is anything wrong with Rochester...I love it here.


Brandon, Thanks for coming out last night I really enjoyed it.

I wish i could have made this trip. Is there anyway that I can access the info you discussed in this meeting? Online or otherwise?


Just in case any Rochester-area CF'ers stumble across this, the Rochester (NY) CFUG has been revitalized, with regular meetings (usually the last Monday of each month). Attendance has been around a dozen, topics ranging from basic CF to advanced framework discussions. You can find out more on our website, (


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